NCCI Terms & Conditions

National Critical Care Institute (NCCI) includes a 100% guarantee for registered individuals who have purchased either exam or product and can provide the original digital receipt. If you are for any reason not satisfied after ordering the examination or product, you may contact our staff and request a full refund as long as you do so prior to completing the exam. Those who request a refund after completing the exam will not be able to receive one as the email certification sent by our advisors is unable to be fully returned after it is sent out. It is the responsibility of each individual to determine the requirements of their employer prior to the purchase of either exam.

NCCI believes in upholding the highest level of standards for the online examination and products offered. We stand by the training products and examination that we offer as well as the recognition received from many medical organizations and clients. If a registered applicant has a concern that requires assistance from NCCI, we request they contact us immediately so that our staff may help find a solution based on their needs.

NCCI offers online examination for individuals to test and receive a certificate card that confirms they have successfully passed our program. The card that is awarded will not be sent or endorsed by the American Heart Association (AHA). The AHA currently does not endorse any program that can be completed entirely from a computer. Our examination however, is based on the most official AHA provider manual and follows current ECC guidelines.

NCCI will not accept any responsibility in the event that a graduate from our program applies unsatisfactory measures to an individual who requires medical assistance. While we stand by the integrity of our online exams, NCCI makes no specific claims that the tests offered should be viewed as an all-inclusive instructional representation for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. We advise all applicants who register with NCCI to enroll in local ACLS classes and consider completing the in-person program offered through local AHA instructors.

All applicants, upon purchasing either the certification or recertification exams through, agree to relinquish all fault or responsibility of National Critical Care Institute for their actions or education received from NCCI. Actions may include but are not limited to: injury, accidents, negligence, incompetence or death. Actions apply to physical or verbal contact with an infant, child or person. By purchasing either the certification or recertification exams, you accept all responsibility of your actions while holding no liability to National Critical Care Institute and Response Services Training through whatsoever.

NEW 2020 AHA Guidelines

National Critical Care Institute is proud to offer health and medical practitioners with accelerated exams and an online training course that are based on the new 2020 AHA guidelines. The current ACLS provider manual which the American Heart Association now offers is dramatically updated with new techniques, terms and clinical recommendations. Our 100% online training course is an ideal way to prepare for either the ACLS certification or recertification exams as it is comprised of 20 pages that are derived after these new 2020 AHA guidelines. Additionally, each of our ACLS certification exams have been carefully updated to cover crucial new terminology and techniques based on the new 2020 American Heart Association guidelines. Enroll today in our online training course or ACLS exams to ensure you are certified with these new requirements.

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