NCCI Privacy Policy

National Critical Care Institute (NCCI) provides the highest level of privacy protection in all areas of our website. We are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals, applicants and clients. NCCI has not and will never sell, share or distribute your personal information, in part or whole, with any outside organization.

Depending on your engagement of services provided by NCCI, you will have the option to purchase products, training services and communicate with our advisory staff. Our privacy protection is incorporated through all aspects of the ordering process and communication via phone, email or online website form. Personal information that is received may include: name, phone number, email address, home address, employer organization and credit or debit card details.

The primary objective of our staff to collect personal information strictly applies to aiding the completion process of an order. In rare circumstances, our staff may seek further clarification of your personal information to assist in completing registration or verification for ordering purposes. Your personal information is never shared, unless in very rare circumstances, to complete a transaction with a financial institution through secure means.

Our financial department staff may contact an individual who has purchased a product or service to provide them with timely information relating to the status of a package or access to the online services. They may also help the individual complete a particular transaction after first receiving permission to assist. Our staff will use the personal information given at the time of the request from an individual in order to reach the individual. Neither our staff or website will store your personal information to be used for a promotional, unsolicited or invading purpose.

NCCI process and gathers information while upholding the highest level of security and protection. We stand by the integrity by which our physical and digital processes are applied to protect the personal details that are received. If you have any questions in regards to our privacy policy, please contact us so that our staff may help clarify your request.

NEW 2020 AHA Guidelines

National Critical Care Institute is proud to offer health and medical practitioners with accelerated exams and an online training course that are based on the new 2020 AHA guidelines. The current ACLS provider manual which the American Heart Association now offers is dramatically updated with new techniques, terms and clinical recommendations. Our 100% online training course is an ideal way to prepare for either the ACLS certification or recertification exams as it is comprised of 20 pages that are derived after these new 2020 AHA guidelines. Additionally, each of our ACLS certification exams have been carefully updated to cover crucial new terminology and techniques based on the new 2020 American Heart Association guidelines. Enroll today in our online training course or ACLS exams to ensure you are certified with these new requirements.

To enroll in the online ACLS certification, CLICK HERE

To enroll in the ACLS online recertification, CLICK HERE