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- Get your answers reviewed and receive your digital ACLS card the same day if you pass. You will also have the option to add the same day email card option if you are a first-time exam applicant when completing the initial registration order.*
- Purchase an individual exam retake if you've already used the first free retake opportunity. You are given one free opportunity to pass either online exam with your initial registration. Each additional retake will need to be purchased separately for $25. This fee will be applied to our advisors who grade each set of answers on an individual basis.
- Order an additional hard copy ACLS card if your original was lost, damaged or due to negligent shipping information provided. Replacement cards are in addition to the free digital and hard copy cards you receive with the initial registration package. The $25 replacement card will be identical to the original hard copy card you receive in the mail. Standard shipping rates can be chosen on the order page.**

Make your selection from the choices above based on your particular needs. Each of the three exam resources are designed to be purchased separately and typically in conjunction with a previous purchase of either the ACLS certification or recertification examination. If you would like further clarification regarding any of the exam resources on this page, please contact us so that we may assist you in a timely fashion.

(*) Exam must be completed before 3:00pm EST
(**) You will need to provide either a date or email when you passed the exam for verification purposes

NEW 2020 AHA Guidelines

National Critical Care Institute is proud to offer health and medical practitioners with accelerated exams and an online training course that are based on the new 2020 AHA guidelines. The current ACLS provider manual which the American Heart Association now offers is dramatically updated with new techniques, terms and clinical recommendations. Our 100% online training course is an ideal way to prepare for either the ACLS certification or recertification exams as it is comprised of 20 pages that are derived after these new 2020 AHA guidelines. Additionally, each of our ACLS certification exams have been carefully updated to cover crucial new terminology and techniques based on the new 2020 American Heart Association guidelines. Enroll today in our online training course or ACLS exams to ensure you are certified with these new requirements.

To enroll in the online ACLS certification, CLICK HERE

To enroll in the ACLS online recertification, CLICK HERE